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You best jump far

Superbowl Sunday

Went to ma's to do laundry. Played Sims 2. Billy became a super hero of sorts. He wears this wierd skin tight black suit. And flies to work. ~.^ eh...ok.

Ma made stuffed green peppers. Yum.

Been downloading way too much music lately from teh_music. I really need to invest in an external hard drive. I'm running out of room for everything. Plus I need to download an mp4 coverter.

Don't I lead an interesting life.

*skips off*


*snorts at super hero Billy*

Agh, I need an external hard drive too. Which is sort of hard when you're a broke-ass teenager with no source of income other than a father who is anything but interested in investing in said external hard drive.

*looks at the mere 4 GBs left of disc space and gets teary*
Love your "I'll be your Hero" icon! Ya! Billy was really funny in Sims as Captain Hero flying to work!