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You best jump far

Is there anybody out there?

*pokes flist*

Come on people, entertain me.



Well, you did ask me to entertain you, no?

That's right. I did.

However that dude's just creepy. I wanted to tell ya before, but umm yeah...

:O!!! Michael Palin is not creepy, I tell you!!!! *wink wink*

Hmm...some random pictures.

How are ya, Mama?
Stewie!!! Love Stewie.

*hugs* thanks darling.
No prob. XD
Watching 24?! You must be bored.
All I offer is rambles. :/
But but that why we love you.

Well, at least why I do. You post about life. At least I think it's life, you've been rather cryptic as of late.
*gasp* Unexpected flattery! :D 'Tis the best and it just made my day. And I truly needed it.

I love you too, and I say that without obligation.