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Written as it aired

I love Charlie. He looked so concerned standing over Claire. Eyes wide. The deer caught in the headlights look. You know the one.

The hat!! They really do incorperate alot of Dom into the character of Charlie- minus the herion snorting (we'd expect anyway). Charlie was quite a handful. Can you imagine meeting him in a pub?

Ethan is scary. I'm guessing the scratches on his face are from Claire.

Damn freaking airlift. I can't hear.

OMG- the way he says "sex" is just dead sexy.

Goodness, the sunsets are beautiful in Hawaii.

The promo pictures depicted Charlie to look much higher at that dinner. I had a feeling from the beginning when he was looking at that silver thing it was had to be about theft.

NYPD blue is still on? Who knew? I didn't.

Freaking Vincent. Well Hurley finaly remembered someones name.

Jack just handed Locke a gun. I have feeling this may not be the best idea.

Ooh did you see the promo for the Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight. I guess that means I'll have a reason to stay up tonight.

Poor Charlie. I don't know whether I should have laughed or cried when he threw up. Between stress and withdrawls...

Damn commercials.

OMG- Charlie!! I'm just...I can't believe he shot him. I understand him wanting to take care of Claire, but Charlie, you just committed murder.

Peanut butter!! She remembers peanut butter. The writers must be trolling the communities. Because I think I heard every Charlie/Claire worshipper squee. It was quite loud.

Sharlene called me tonight. She's doing well. She's completely moved into her new place. And I am invited over to spend next weekend. Yay!

I took all my empties for recycling today. The market was packed with people. Must be fretting over the pending storm. Our area is on the rain/snow border, ick.

Ok time to see what everyone has to say on my friends list.

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