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You best jump far

I know the sun will rise

I am so cold. I think I might be coming down with something.

My hair is finally an acceptable color. Blue and blonde. I feel pretty.

Had a bit of insomnia last night. I found myself deciding to trim my hair at 1:30am. And talking to myself till about 4am. Yes I talk to myself. With as much that goes on inside my head, how can I not. I finally fell asleep as the sun started to rise. The other day I watched the sun rise when I woke up so early. I haven't watched a sunrise in forever, and I got to see two in as many days.

I've been making icons like crazy lately. However I've been too lazy to upload them to anything. So maybe I'll do a gip or two tomorrow.

I need to make sure I'm up early tomorrow. I need to get Stef's mags in the mail.


blue and blonde. that sounds rad! \
Pictures should hopefully be coming soon.
Cool! <3
Blue and blonde! Oh, pretty? Don't know what to say, except can't wait to see it (you) tomorrow. I may be socializing after class, so best if you don't come until just about 12:30 (don't want you to have to wait for me). Already met a new beginner friend whose in our class, while in Joanne's Fabrics yesterday, when we were both picking up our materials need for class ( Kathy). She told me about a sale at Walmart of a sewing machine for 88 dollars, so I did buy it. Hope you will enjoy reading the manual with me, cuz I haven't used a real sewing machine in a VERY long time. Now, aren't you glad you are coming over???