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You best jump far

I went to Wal-mart today and I overheard a little girl say to her mother, "Mommy, that lady has blue hair. I want blue hair." Her mother laughed, said no and didn't say much else. I stood behind them in line and the little girl just kept looking at me. Finally she asked why my hair was blue. I explained it was my favorite color. Her eyes widen and she turned back to her mother, "Mommy, my favorite color is pink, can I have pink hair?" Mother laughs again and says no. The little girl started throwing a tantrum with crying and questions of why... The mother just stared at me with this evil look on her face.

I felt so proud of myself.

Anyhoo, Stef's magazines are in the mail and hopefully shouldn't take too long to get there.

I'm off. Well you all knew that anyway.


MWHAHAHAH! That is too funny! Ashlyn can not wait until she is 13 and allowed to do whatever she wants with her hair as far as color goes. I figure 13 is a good age to give her that freedom. ;-)
Has she expressed interest in changing her hair color?
Oh yeah, she is dying to color it! She is in a thing right now where she only wants to wear black clothes. I pretty much assume she will go the Goth or Punk route in school. She most definately will not be one to blend in. I have told her I have no problem with her dressing as she wants (not provacative) or coloring her hair, etc...AS LONG AS she gets good grades and isn't in any kind of trouble.
Heee. Nice going.
hahaha go you!
I didn't know you had blue hair. Cool! Are there any pics of your hair (I'm still trying to figure out what to with my hair tomorrow when I get my hair done again....)
Working on pictures. I don't have a digital camera so... Oooh but I do have a web cam ( I keep forgetting that) . Once I'm showered and dressed I'll take a few pictures.