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You best jump far


Again written as things aired.

Poor wee Sawyer. What a trauma to experience. His father commited suicide on his bed...while he's hiding under it. I love how they kept it at his point of view. Never showing his father, just his feet. I think if they do move Lost to 9pm next season, they'll be able t

Sawyer chasing the boar. Then the whispers... creepy. Gives me a shiver just thinking of it. The only thing I understood in the whispering was "it'll all come back around"... hmm

Sayid making fun of Sawyer. Ha ha.

Robert Patrick. He's creepy. Ever since T2. What is he- some sort of PI.

Claire trying to get close to Charlie. But Charlie I think just doesn't want to get hurt. What the hell was he fiddling with anyway? A foot measure thingie that you find in a shoe store?

I can't wait for Lost on DVD- no commercials. No having to wait for the next episode... and extras... yeah...

Meanwhile back in the island. Charlie is gonna bury Ethan? Did not expect that. By-the-way Hurley, Charlie shot Ethan- six times. He was quite pissed off you know.

Sassafras- a new nickname for Kate.

Well I never been to Disney either. I liked that scene. It got rather intense at the end.

Damn commercials.

Golden retriever, huh? The things that make you go hmmm...

Sawyer shaking. Or is it James? Sawyer fits him better.

Jack's dad, misplaced his wallet. Oh wait. I think I know what's gonna happen. Hey, the Sox won the series. Oh yeah, plane crashed, they don't know. Buggers.

Poor little piggy.

Sawyer killed the wrong guy. The Hibbs is a bastard. Now I understand the "it'll come back around" part. And Locke's dog story.

Also noticed that in this promo shot- Sayid is smoking a cigarette... hmmm...

There's that Red Sox reference again. It seemed more out of place when Jack said it.

Ooh can't wait till next week. Jin. Sun certainly has a nice figure.


I agree. Sawyer is a better name. If it turns out that is indeed his real name (and not another fake one), Sawyer will still be well ... sawyer.