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You best jump far


I got a new icon courtesy of bleedskint - Dominic hands. Yummy.

Today is the slowest day. I have been up for what seems like forever. I cleaned the house pretty much top to bottom and still feel like i got nothing done.

There no real news today. just feel the need to write. But yet I sat infront of my novel for hour and wrote three lines. My mind is ---cked up like that.

I so need to get a life. I'm so bored.


Did you read my update?
That's something to do...
I've been up since 6 am...I'm like really wired...
Froda- opinion please-- my layout- do you like it? I'm kinda 50/50. Are you wired enough to help me out?
Actually I like it. It's nice and simple. Maybe you could make the background fixed?
It won't let me...Cuz that's what I wanted too.
Oh damn... that's weird.
Lala, dear. I couldn't email you because it wouldn't work. I think I messed it up...hehe.

Well, here is the link. I don't know the code for urls on LJ so you might need to copy and paste.

I know you'll like it. It kinda reminds me of you, in the best way, with all do respect. You know I love ya, MA!

I LOVE IT!!! Thanks you my dear.
Oh you are sooooo welcome! I knew you would like it!