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Be merry / bases by skint

I didn't do it. It's not my fault

I just read a report that Paris Hilton, amongst others, have been bombarded with calls because their cell numbers were released on the internet.

Gee I wonder how that happened?


Ok, I've heard all about this...and that the #'s and pics were posted on the net. I am assuming the info is down now. However, I'm curious...WHERE was all of this posted at?
in a community called ohnotheydidnt the entry is gone, but I heard a lot people saw it.
Ahhh, I always miss the good stuff! LOL
Fack. I had several links since everybody and their mother saved and/or mirrored it fearing it would be taken down, but it looks like whoever's investigating the T-Mobile hacking is all over this, 'cause even the smaller sites hosting Paris' phone book/notes/pictures have removed it.
I had clicked a link to the link. I never saw any of the phone #'s . I think it would have been too tempting.
Hahahahaha. *shifty*
I saw a picture from her cmaera phone. Of her topless. It burns!!! *covers eyes*

Damn. I wish I could of seen the phone book. Even if I didn't ring anyof them it'd be cool just knowing their numbers! ;)

There you go! Just be quick, before someone has to remove it again ;)
Yeah, I just saw that. Haha, saved the good people onto my computer cos I am ev0l >:D

I think one of them might be Elijah Wood! O_O
Nah, there's an Elijah in there, but not him.

I don't think I'd ever forgive Lij if he'd given his number to Paris Hilton o.O
Yeah, I just found that out. Was very disappointed :(

I didn't think Elijah would give his number to Paris, I was thinking more along the lines of Paris stalking him and stealing his number :P
Luckely for her you can turn cell phones off!