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You best jump far

Tabula Rasa

Well the interview went great- chances of getting the position are excellent, however...I'm not thrilled about the pay scale. It's almost a $4 an hour pay cut for me. I just don't think I can handle it given my current situation. I called the temp agency and let them know. She said she'd discuss it with them and if need be- see what else is available.

I both loathe and love being unemployed. There are choices available to me. And I'm not going to settle just because I need to work. My severence will be helpful.


Hello :) I was looking through journals with the search feature bc I was bored.. I stumbled onto yours.. I'm also from Massachusetts.. I've read some of your entries and you seem like someone I'd like to read on my friends list.. is it okay if I add you?
If you don't mind the occasional fan girl behavior I sometimes experience, by all means add me. I'll add you back.
*crosses fingers* Hoping for the best, come what may, hun! :D
Thank you babe.

Oh yeah... FISHIES!!!
I had a feeling you might've mentioned that...
Great minds.