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You best jump far

Well I was offered the job, I turned it down. I can't live with the $4 an hour pay cut. Based on my calculations, I can survive with no more then $2.50 an hour cut.


$4 an hour pay cut is a little much, especially when you're used to living off a certain amount. Is there any specific job you're looking for?
Customer service rep. I worked for Kodak for 7 years. I've only been out of work for three weeks. I got 8 weeks serverance coming to me, I'm in no hurry. Like I mentioned, I ain't gonna settle.
It's great you were offered it, though. Definitely good for the ego.
Yeah, I was over qualified for that position. So I don't know how much of an ego boost it was.
I don't really get it. So you are offered to get $4 an hour (which I don't think is a lot consedering pays here) and if that is much why don't you take it *looks confuzzled*
$4 pay cut. My last job paid me $16 an hour and this one would only pay me $12 an hour. I can't afford to loose $4 an hour, based on my expenses, I can maybe afford to make no less then $13.50 an hour.

Sorry for the confusion.
Ok now I get it (stupid English).
I already thought $4 is a bit too little (how the **** can somebody live of that...apparently you can't).