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You know the deal. Written as the show aired, yadda, yadda, yadda.

ok, right into a flashback.

Awww, she is his dream...That's sweet.

Was that Hootie in that Burger King commercial?

They didn't go on a honeymoon? Must be why they went to Austraila.

Hurley trying to make friends with Jin. God I can't wait till his episode.

Sawyer is such a prick. Gotta love him.

The fire of raft... that sucks. Not sure how far they would have gotten, but still, kill the dream before it's even in the water.

You all see Hurly on the tv when Jin was delivering the message to that guy? The guy gave Jin his daughters dog... Ha!

Ouch, Sawyer is sneaky.

Locke the philospher. He's right thought. Time to start over.

Damn telemarketers, always when you're sitting down for dinner.

Whoa, Jin. Way to deliver a message.

Sun, say something. Don't just stand there and watch Micheal beat your husband down.

Well there ya go.

Locke, I think, is there purely to remind everybody else that they are not alone. And that it's time to start a new life. And to catch and kill things.

Jin's father is still alive? He was ashamed of his father? Why? because he's a fisherman? Should have listened to his father. They (Sun & Jin) had the chance to start over and he walked away. He's the idiot, however this does now make room for a Sun/Michael relationship.

Sayid and Shannon?! I'm beginning to like Shannon more and more. And Sayid is getting more amusing.

Is it me, or is Walt really growing up fast? Whoa, Walt burnt the raft?! I knew it. Well I felt I knew it.

Hurly's cd player still works? Batteries do NOT last that long. Unless he's got like an unlimited supply. Oops, nevermind.

Not much Charlie, but at least he was with Claire. Which is good.

OOh next week is Hurley's episode. Looks really good.

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