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You best jump far

...then you step to right

Something smells so sweet in my living room. The scent is no where else in my apartment. It's wierd.

*huggles my flist*


Have you checked under the couch? LOL!
Yes as matter of fact I did. The only thing I can attribute it to is my glade plug in. I replaced it last week but I never really smelled it until today.
Plug it in! Plug it in! :P
Unless you believe in spirits...

I've heard that you have an otherworldly visitor when you smell a sweet smell in your home.
I at least hope it's a friendly spirit.
i saw a preview at the cinema for a movie about recording voices in a room where there was no one there, perhaps you have the smell version of a ghostie
Another ghost (spirit) theory. Looks like your in the majority. It was a sweet smell, so hopefully that means nice ghost.
they are all nice, they wont hurt you they just go about their business in another relm..yep i am a ghost lover
*snuggles you back*
Everyone on my list needed a hug. It's nice to get one back.
Totally. Huggles are good.