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Stel posted something about her dream last night and it suddenly sparked a memory.
My dream was very f---ked up last night. I went to a restuarant that had a Rocky Horror Picture Show theme. It was packed. I was waiting for a table and apparently my date. So as I'm waiting I was given a menu and told to order something. In the meantime, various friends and family go trapsing through the place and stop and try to make small talk with me. I am so uninterested and bothered by them. Finally my date shows up (my ex- WTF?) and we get this tiny little table near the kitchen. His food comes out first and he's sitting stuffing his face and I'm still standing waiting for him to pull out my chair. And every now and then Meat Loaf breaks out into "Hot Patooie".

*scratches my head in puzzelment* What the hell did I eat last night? I remember more, something to do with a balloon and yelling at Columbia in kitchen for bringing his food out before mine. I also remember the restuarant followed the same floor pattern as my ex's friends condo.

Really strange is that.

Sorry to ramble, but it's not often I remember my dream so vividly after forgetting completely. Did that make sense?

I can't wait to go home and watch Dominic on Sharon.

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