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Hope can set you free / nefer_tari

But it's the pelvic thrust...

George W is an idiot. Or at least his speech writer is. They're honoring the Red Sox at the White House. He's trying to be funny. It just does not work for him. He laughs like Beavis or Butthead.


I bet he thought all of his "jokes" out, and had them well planned. Meh, everything sounds funny when you review it in front of a mirror and not a crowd of Red Sox Fans.

I hate Bush, though.
I hate Bush, though.

Thank goodness. My flist is full of so many varying political opinions and I hate to piss anyone off. Glad I'm not the only one.
alright, I've decided I must friend you!! XD Dom rocks! and so do you for the Dubya diss. woooooo!
Hi. and welcome to the craziest place on earth. <.<

Or not. ~.^

Added you back.

Spread the Dom love. Yesh.


Spread the Bush hate. Yesh.