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I wonder how many people are going to be playing those lottery numbers tomorrow. Even though the numbers 815 are cursed. (did I call that or what?)

Oh Hurley passed out when he found out he won. Brillant. That was great.

His grandpa dropped dead in the middle of a press conference??? How freaky is that?

Did Shannon get a hair cut?

I love Hurley's mother. She smacked him when he mentioned the money might be cursed. She broke her ankle, the house was on fire and Hurley is getting arrested. Not to mention the things he mentioned in the car ride. Dude, why the fuck did you get on a plane in the first place...

Hurley is a major shareholder for a box company... There's a link to Locke. And the guy falling outside the window...OMG I love this episode.

Hurley was in a pysch ward?? Why does this not surprise me?

Who does the voice of Baby Bob in the Quizno's commercials? It sounds an aweful lot like Jorge Garcia. I've been meaning to ask that for a while.

Ok, now we know why he went to Australia.

Notice how nothing really happens to Hurley himself (save the false arrest) but bad luck things happen to everyone around him.

What's with all the people with false limbs in Oz?

Fucking Charlie runs fast.

Hurley just wanted someone to esscentially tell him he's not crazy. Sounds like me.

Almost everything Charlie has said this evening had the word hell in it. Just an observation.

Ooh Claire's birthday. Locke made a cradle. That was the sweetest thing.

Charlie thinks Hurley is lying about his monetary worth. Poor guy gets no credit.

Ooh the numbers. The numbers. Is it April 13th yet? The next new episode airs on my birthday. Do you think you all can remeber that date?
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