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You best jump far

Ok so get this dream that I had last night. I'm walking through a gym and there is a cheerleading competition going on, with ...

wait for it...

Cat tossing.



whaaaat? oh it was a dream... I didn't notice that before re-reading it and was already imagining cats flying everywhere... *facedesk*
My dreams are usually pretty wonky. But this one I woke up laughing because of exactly that. Flying felines.
LOL!!!!! say WHAT?
Cat tossing. You know, when cheerleaders toss a girl in the air and he does flips and they catch her. Well they did this with cats instead.

My brain works weirdly.

Yup yup.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes, I figured as such but LMAO that is fuuuunny. gotta love those random dreams!