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You best jump far

Those were the days

Fried apples- yummy. Great over vanilla ice cream.

I submitted my resume to probably every company on monster.com and I haven't had many calls as of late. I am getting too comfortable with this being out of work thing. I need to get back to work. I'm bored, and craving human contact.


I love your new icon from Lost! I know you are not used to not working and you get bored and lonely. Hope something good turns up soon. Some news: Dad's parents may have a buyer for the frige. Lucia (one of the cousins) might buy it. Also, Bobby got his driver's license. There's a whole story about it with a state trooper, so talk to Brian when you get a chance. He tells it better than I can. Talk to you soon. *hugs you*
Bobby got his driver's license

I'm never driving in Shrewsbury again.

I love your new icon from Lost!

have you thought about doing some work from home or something? like graphics on the pc, i dont know web design, your very good at making icons, at least untill you found something else, or you could do other things from home, just so you dont get too boared, i have no idea what the taxation laws in the USA are, but it might be worth putting some thought into.