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You best jump far

Steps on soap box

My feelings exactly.

I really couldn't have said it better myself. I would rather give my working organs to a person in more need then I, if I were essentially a vegatable. Don't keep me alive because you hold false hope for recovery. Don't keep me alive because I can breath on my own. I can't think, I can't communicate. I can't tell you goodbye. It doesn't mean that you can't say good bye to me.

I've wanted to comment on the issue for some time. I say let Terri Schiavo go. There is no suffering except for the family.


Exactly, the husband said she didn't want to live that way when she was capable of making the decision, so her parents shouldn't be selfish and disregard her wishes. They're only thinking of themselves and how they couldn't deal with her dying once the tube was removed, not about her.

No one should have to live in that kind of vegetative state.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks her family is being selfish. All they are doing is delaying the inevitable. Her body is alive. Her mind isn't. She can't control anything, her bowels, her muscles...etc. She requires 24 hour care. You're right- now one should have to live like that.
Goddamnit, not euthanasia controversy again.

Back at the beginning of the 1990s, there was a 12-year-old who had the mind of a 2-year-old because she had cerebral palsy. Her father confessed to having brought her daughter back home early from Church, put her in the truck and fueled the vehicle with CO1. Controversy for over 10 years about if this was murder or if her father Robert Latimer, who is famous for this case in Saskatchewan (where the family is from and where I live-currently and all my life), and now all over Canada (and a lot of the globe), had saved her daughter from more pain that she'd have to go through. The country has been torn apart over this, whether the father should be sentenced for murder or if he should be let go. In the end, he was sentenced to prison, can't remember how many years.

The reason why I'm telling all this is because if this whole situatino with Terri isn't settled soon (this is the first taht I heard about it, btw), that case will be SO big and SO controversial, that the continent will be more separated than it already is.
The case of Terri Schiavo is being heard in congress tonight. Republicans are trying to pass a bill exclusive to her that would make illeagel to remove her feeding tube. Trust me, this is as big as it gets. It's not euthanasia per se, it's allowing death to take a brain dead woman by means of removing her feeding tube. The tube has been removed several times in the past. Each time, local and state courts issued an order for her husband to re-insert the tube because her (Terri's family) family didn't want their daughter to die. Their daughter is brain dead. However her body functions, heart beats, breaths on her own... etc. Her husband has been providing round the clock care. He knows she did not want to live this way. But without a living will, it's been a fight with her family over the right to die.

In the case you mentioned, it was regarding a child. If the child had mental capacity of even a two year old, the child still had the ability to move and make her wishes known. Whether those wishes were for food, drink or comfort. That, in my opinion, is murder. In Terri's case, she cannot do any of those things. She is not a body with the mind of a child, she is a body without a mind. I think that's what set this apart.
This is actually also on the news here.
And say let her go too! What kind of live does she have anyway??? None, as she isn't really there anymore.
And immagine how hard it is for her husband to still taking care of her, while he knows it's just her body he is taken care of, without her ever profitting of it.

Yesterday on the news here they said Bush came back from holiday to sign a thingy so tube can go back and now everybody here believes he is just doing that so he can please some people and get more votes from people.

I think after 15 years, those people are kidding themselves when they hope for recovery..... They should go on with their lives, they already had so many years to say good bye and it's kinda sad to see, they are still holding on to her....
i agree and i think your president is beyond arrogant getting involved in what is essentially a personal matter.