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How deep does the rabbit hole go?

The Bushes are grasping at straws. Jeb Bush found some quack to say that Terri Schiavo was misdiagnosed. Saying instead of being in a persistive vegatative state that she is just conconsiously unaware. WTF?!? He also said that there is the possibility of taking custody away from her husband.

What is the country coming to? This should be a fight amongst the family, not the government. There should be no fight at all at this point. The federal courts have ruled that there is no legal way to force the reinsertion of Terri's feeding tube. The appeals court, will not force it either.

Terri has no idea what is going on around her. The fight over her life and right to die. This is a personal selfish crusade by people that aren't willing to let go. There is no hope of recovery and the inevitable will happen.

There was an episode of Law & Order:SVU last night that was a repeat- but nonetheless opportune episode. It dealt with a child who was brain dead and her mother didn't want to turn off life support because she had shaken her child and would face murder charges. But it still struck a note. It was about the letting go of person who would not recover. This is Terri.

Say goodbye. Let go. Move on.

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