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You best jump far

Deus Ex Machina

Locke loosing feeling in his leg(s)? That's definately not a good sign.

His flashback- he totally looks like he did in the Stepfather movies.

So he grew up in foster homes? Didn't he say before his sister died or something and his mother thought the dog was the sister or some shit like that- So is he just a story teller?

What the fuck kind of dream was that? Bloody Boone (a sign?) Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs...WTF!?!?

So Locke's mother is a loon. Kinda had that feeling from first sight.

Ok now I gotta know-- Who's Theresa?

Sawyer smelling the air. That's great. Migraines are no fun. I have them too. Sensitivity to light, sounds. I kinda hope that all the wrong with Sawyer. Obviously no chemo available on the island.

Great- now I'm gonna dream of falling corpes... That scared the fuck out of me.

Sawyer is a slut. We all pretty much knew that.

Boone was brat. Just like Shannon.

Ooh Alias looks good this week. Must be left over from my Days of our Lives days- girl buried alive and all.

Sayid is Lenscrafters. Wonder if he offers a moneyback guarantee? Steamrolled Harry Potter. Oh Hurley, Harry only wished he looked so handsome. *runs from HP fans*

Make sure Charlie doesn't find that stash. He'll never want to leave the island.

So does this mean Boone's been in two plane crashes? So who thinks that Boone dies from his injuries? Yeah that's what I thought.

So is that the lie? Instead of telling what actually happened to Boone, saying he fell off the cliff. Is that the lie that gets him killed? I read way too many spoilers.

AHHH!!! Is it next Wednesday yet? OMG- light, hatch, Boone, Claire and Charlie. Weee!!!






Been saying that on every other response on my flist.
Make sure Charlie doesn't find that stash. He'll never want to leave the island.

lmao! Funny thing is I pretty much thought the same thing. I was like, 'oh no keep that away from Charlie.'
haha I saw the crack and was like, "Keep Charlie away"

But yeah...

Boone...he was starting to grow on me, and then he started to annoy me, and just when he's back to growing, he's going to go and die (most likely)

bah. life sucks.
Fuck. Did you just spoil the death for me? Because I don't read spoilers, and since I've seen the show tonight i thought it was safe to read your post. Wish I had known ahead of time.
Dude- I wrote "spoilers within" in the lj tag line. Sorry.
I thought that meant spoilers for the episode specifically. You know, for people in different time zones. I had no idea that meant actual spoilers. I really hope you're wrong, or what you read was wrong. :(