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Do you realise?

The world is changing.

I'm not (so much). But the world is. One legal fight in Florida got people talking to their families about their final wishes. A dying religious icon has the faithful praying. And talent is determined by millions dialing a toll-free number.

Tv is changing. I mean my favorite show stars former models, a former football player, former hobbit, and former stepfather. Strange and eclectic.

Movies are changing. A variable who's who in hollywood can headline a movie that's almost completely shot on green screen. The little cinematic tricks I grew up on aren't cool any more. Everything is digital. It doesn't surprise me that animation is popular. But almost no animated movie are on hand drawn cells anymore.

Music has changed. I like my "classic" rock radio stations. It's music that I can sing to. Music I can tap my feet to. I can understand the lyrics and picture a story unfolding. I miss videos that told a story. No demoralized woman and flaunted bling bling. Wait- actually that hasn't really changed very much.

I remember playing Oregon Trail on a DOS based Apple computer from a real floppy disk. Do you remember those? It was like 5 square inches of soft vinyl.

I remember hanging clothes out to dry in the backyard. A red wood painted picnic table with an aluminum umbrella. Walking to my friends' homes to go swimming. Block parties, sleep-overs, barbies, sleeping with a blankie.

I miss being a kid. I didn't really care too much for what was going on in the world. I just lived my life, looking out for me.

I dunno. My mind goes a million miles a minute. It's weird that it's not so much thinking of me- The influences of the world around me just make me wonder what direction we, as a species, are headed. Opinions are divided, private lives made public, celebrity misdeeds headline the evening news. Was it alwys this way? Or am I just noticing now?

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