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You best jump far

where you wanna go miss?

via e-mail and beizy (who prompted me to check my e-mail)and because i think nothing_to_say is clairvoyent

Now this I could do. Finally an east coast event. I could drive down- it would take me two and half days (with proper rest whilst). Now if they add Dom, I'll start saving (provided I get a job soon damnit). I would love if they could get WWS. I would love to see them live. I ain't gonna get my hopes up.

In the meanwhile, I bought these crab rangoon things at the grocery store yesterday. I made them tonight. They were awful. I mean really bad. Yuck.

So my body decided to play the ultimate prank on me today. *Kicks uterus* real funny.

I don't know if there will be anything else to post today.


DAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I am *SO* up for roadtripping it down there. mind you it would also take me a day or two 'cause I'm near Washington D.C., but I WANT TO GO SO BADLY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I'm really gonna try to do this. I really want to go. I mean really , really want to go.
METOOOOOOOO *starts saving* :D omfg, we should all have a big get together..........squeeeeeee!
Oh yes. Once plans get confirmed I am all for a get together. Have a few drinks, tell a few stories and squee over the guys. Yeah. I really need to get a job so I can get the funds for this excursion.
lol sounds like a PLAN! I love how I'll literally be like a WEEK away from turning 21 the weekend of the convention. but yeah, I've got to get my ass a job as well, 'cause this thing is gonna cost a GOOD chunk of change! lol good thing I come home soooon, EEP!! it's ON! XD
OMG that's in Orlando
Exactly. I've never been to Disney- what better reason then to be able kill two birds with one stone. Disney and hobbits. What could be better.