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You best jump far

Been cleaning most of today with occasional stops to peek online.

Been watching ABC most of tonight- Keep seeing promo's for this weeks Lost. I can't wait.

Yeah this was a pointless entry.


No...it wasn't pointless. I enjoyed it! I have been watching CNN for the greater part of this weekend, as you might expect. Found out I loved the Pope, though I probably didn't know it before this. We now have curtains up in the living room, nice white voile with very thin subtle stripes of sage green. They go really well with the couch, etc. Want you to see them. Will you be coming over soon? I'll take you to a movie....I'll be your best friend....not trying to bribe you. HA! Just want to see you, soon! *huggles*
I am gonna come over tomorrow.
That's great! See you then!
Yeah this was a pointless entry.

To you perhaps, but I live for them. Because they're blunt and they get the point across.

Unless the person is a loonie.
Loonie can be good thing. But at least I'm the good sort of loonie.


*nods enthusiastically*
so I give you a... pointless comment! Enjoy! lol
can't wait for Lost either!!! can't you see I'm excited!!! I use too much of these!!!