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You best jump far

LotR, Robot Chicken style was quite amusing.


Ron Jeremy using his *cough*thingamajig*cough* as a weapon was pretty hilarious!
Oh yes. And Corey burning in the fires... I love that show. It's too damn short though.
I missed something on the telly tonight, didn't I? I usually don't watch it. And that wil lsuck if I don't have said station.
It's a 15 minute stop animation clip show on the Cartoon network. It's pretty much this chicken who flips through channels and there are little clips like "pimp my sister" (instead of pimp my ride) and the LotR clip tonight was based on the Surreal Life set up- where they had to destroy the ring- It was completely funny.
Le sigh. We don't have Cartoon Network here. But that's okay. lol

Sounds hilarious though.