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I had sent an e-mail to old boss, you know, say hi, what's up? Wish him an early happy birthday. He must have sent my e-mail address to one of my former co-workers. Nilda.

She sent me an e-mail about job opportunities at Clark University. Nilda is like the ulitmate sucess story. She got out of Qualex and turned her life into something really good. She lost weight, she got a prime career and she's happy. When I saw her at the going away party I was kinda in awe.

I would love to work with her. Sent her my resume. Let's see what happens next.


Oooh, hope you do send your resume ! :D
Good luck with that!
I know I haven't say anything about your job serching saga, but I do want to say that I am still reading and I do hope you the best of luck. <33