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Do no harm


The first few minutes just had me half covering my eyes and half half covering my mouth. Jack pretty much stabbed Boone in the chest when his lung collapsed. Sorry Boone, but there ain't no fixing that on an island.

Kate, stop staring, start moving. Geez woman.

Did you all see the commercial for the muppet Wizard of Oz? OMG- I can't wait for that.

Freaking Sawyer- you are so full of it. But at least you gave up the booze. Life on the island is going to get a lot worse for him.

Isn't it part of the hypocratic oath that you can't date patients?

Oh yeah have the skinniest person in the world try to hold down Boone while setting his broken leg. The sound effect just totally squicked me.

Claire. Now is not an ideal time to have that baby. *shakes head*

Jin to the rescue... Loved the look on his face when came into the clearing.

Jack is getting really anxious. He does not want to loose Boone.

I'm suprised Charlie didn't go into complete manic mode. I would have expected him to do what he did just before they were taken by Ethan, you know hyperventilate and start counting sugar plum faeries. Eh.

GMA will have a Lost person tomorrow. *runs off to set alarm*

While Shannon's off getting her jollies- her Boone is dying and calling for her. Damn Sayid, why of all days did you have to take her on a romantic picnic.

I think a secret Kate has.

Jack is going to pass out. He's given a lot of blood. Ooh Sun pulled the iv thingie. 'bout time. As Hurley said, he was looking a little goth. What can Michael do?

Nevermind. I get it. Whoa. This show is gonna kill me if it doesn't kill Boone first.

Notice no one really seems to care that Locke can't be found.

Holding your breath isn't gonna make the baby stop coming Claire. Why isn't Charlie there? Jin don't hold him back...

Why can't Jack just cut his leg? instead of taking it? Love how Jack says Locke's favorite expression...

Jack, oh Jack. What kinda of vows were those?

Do no harm. I understand.

Oh da baby...

Charlie was like, no handshakes man, give me a fucking hug.

OMG, he didn't even get to say his last words... What are these wet things running down my face? Feck, I'm crying... Boone wasn't even my favorite person... I didn't even cry during RotK...

Babies bring all the boys to the yard. Even the harden Sawyer had a smile.

OMG- did you see previews? I shut my VCR off too soon- I can't replay it- damn...

Did you all see that guy melting on Alias? Ewww...

Double checked lj cut before posting- good thing- I almost messed it up.

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