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What do you want?

First off- I dunno if it was my copy or my computer- but some parts of the movie were jumpy. I hate winrar files.

Next- The movie. I liked the movie for the most part. Certain parts of fight scenes weren't in synch. It's hard to explain- kinda like a continuity issue. Let's face it- the only reason I would even watch the movie is Dom. And Dom is the shit in this. He's got a few bits of asskicking, however for the most part he is a wuss. Kept running away.

The movie was pretty good. The fight scenes weren't too bad. The continuity in some spots is off. That really stood out when I was watching. The acting was good. The meeting at the beginning was really well done. I loved how Moses would be speaking to everyone and then just to John.

Nothing else much today. I'm spending tomorrow at Sharlene and Sean's.
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