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Be merry / bases by skint

Share and share alike

Rules for download;
-comment if you download.
-if you download- upload again to YSI
-share your upload

The Purifiers 701mb via YSI.

I had made a post about the upload not being done- no sooner had I hit post- was the upload done. Well at least something went right today.


Downloading and will upload to YSI and share when done. Thank you very much.
*snags* *eyes time* I may even be able to get it up again before I leave.
I'm downloading. (Yeah hi, you don't know me, here vie beizy) I hope this works for me, if it does I'll upload again...
I'm downloading it now...foud your link via your your comment on having the DL up in beizy's journal. Thank you SO much...my torrent is at 38% with no downloading/uploading so I was kinda stuck. When it s done downloading I will reupload to yousendit.com and if you want I'll just have the email sent to you so you can add it as a mirror on your journal and I'll have the link on mine as well. Prolly won't be till tmw but will totally share. Thanks again, you rock :)
The link is now dead. :( Thanks for uploading, though.
Damn - not working. :/
oh noooo it's dead! *cries*
stupid torrent, i'm only at... oh yeah right 0%...
I'd like to have it and share it though... *sigh*
I don't know if you have it up again anywhere, but my torrent is downloading right now. If I manage to get it all, I'll YSI and post in my journal. I'm here through Beizy as well.
well, once it's up againa nd I can dl it I'll UL it as well! Thanks!
I'll check back later!
the link's not working any more. Well, I'll come back later :)