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like water down the mountain side

Spent last night at Sean and Sharlene's. We had fun. They tried to make pizza. We made two- one didn't come out so well. We stayed up drinking mimosa's and watching Benny Hill.

Today Sharlene and I went to Christmas Tree Shop and I got some candles and sushi dinner set (chopsticks included). We stopped at this bakery called Wholey Cannoli. Sharlene had to pick up a cake for her future sister-in-law's wedding shower tomorrow. I bought this totally incredible chocolate cannoli.

Speaking of incredible, borrowed Sean's copy of The Incredibles. That was a really a good movie.

I was going to upload another link to the Purifiers, but I saw on my friendslist that there a couple running around.

Now I'm going to relax a bit and try and enjoy what's left of my Saturday.

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