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You best jump far

Legend is stuff of made

Oh my. The man is gonna kill me one of these days.

So a quickly made GIP was in order.

In other news- I have an interview at Clark University tomorrow. I also found out some info on registering to take my GED- won't be able to do it though until May. I mailed of Jakey's dvd. I also watched Saw today.


kills me on a regular basis
he's already killed me about 30 times over. ;)


It's been sooo long since I've talked with you. So much has happened. Chris moved out, THE RED SOX WON THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!, and I've missed you terribly. But at least I remembered to write BEFORE your birthday! So here's my birthday wish to you. I wish you the happiest, most awesome, most sexual (tee hee) birthday EVER! And please write. catchmevtek@yahoo.com, or Kimberly.Boyd@Sunlife.com.

Miss Ya!
Love Ya!


It's like a psyhic connection or something I swear woman. I was just thinking of you. I shit you not.