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You best jump far

Have my cake and eat it too

My mom's computer is having issues. She's unable to connect to the internet. It appears her newtork interface card isn't working. So I'll bring her cpu to Best Buy tomorrow and see what it'll take to repair.

I had ice cream cake today. yumm chocolate crunchies.

Watching Van Helsing. I forgot it started this way...


Van Helsing - love that movie, lol! One to go on my guilty pleasures list.
David Wenham as Carl as the best one liners.
thanking you for "nothing" sweetness
I am so good at nothing.
hahahaha you know what i mean, although now i can call you a good for nothing friend and you cant take offence *wink*
I knew what you meant. =D
I'm a friar not a monk i can cuss all i like.
One of my favorite lines.