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You best jump far

what are you doing?

Spent $60 at Best Buy for them to tell me my mom's computer is overloaded with viruses. The hardware was good. I did a system restore and was able to get back online. I attempted a virus scan but half way in I accidently exited out of the screen. I'm so knackered- I didn't bother to start it up again. I should have though.

I was going to go shopping- but again I'm knackered.


Just learned a new word, "knackered"....British for tired/exhausted. I don't think I've heard that word before. Thanks for all your help, but sorry you are knackered. *hugs*
it's not your fault. I'd do anything for you.
Also thank Daddy for the cookie.
That is why I hate technology, lol! Dude, sorry to hear about the crap you have to put up with your computer. :/
It's not even my computer- it's my mom's.
I meant your mom's, lol!