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You best jump far

If I gave you an inch would you steal the mile?

I'm sure that some of you had heard about the xanga user who was hotlinking icons? Well she took down the all the icons. What burned me was that she didn't hotlink from my journal- but rather my site. And it wasn't one or two icons, it was 13 icons. I pay for my site, my bandwith, so it truly irked me.

Anyhoo... That's pretty much it. My day has been less then ideal but far from awful.


SO sorry

Hi, I know that you don't know me...well, maybe you do. My site is the only you have linked, I just wanted to apologize with all my heart. I realize that you worked very hard on all of your icons and I would NEVER steal them. I got all of the icons that WERE on my site from other xanga users. I am so sorry and I completly get your point...I'm so sorry with every inch of my being and I would never steal your icons. I will never post icons on my site again, its not reliable enough for sources. I PROMISE that i din't steal your icons...I would NEVER. I'm so sorry that I ever put icons on my site. I'm so sorry.

Re: SO sorry

Well where you did get them from other xanga users- it just means that someone (or someones) else is stealing my bandwith. That's what bugs me most. I accept your apology. I appreciate that you've removed the icons.