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You best jump far

The inner workings of a overworked and underpaid mind

So Dom was in my dream last night, however turned out to be a rather disturbing dream.

In my dream we had these weird little animals that were excreting these worm-like squids. The squid thingies started skittering about and freaked me out. Dom was rather calm. I was trying to make him get the squid thingies and contain them or something, but he just laughed and watched as they chased a child away (whose child I do not know).

When I woke up I had to search the floor to make sure I wasn't stepping on anything.


In other news, my chest feels better, but now I am getting a sore throat. WTF!?


You are not getting sick or something, are you?
more then likely. I've been so good this year.
Your dreams are quite strange, to say the least! I dreamt I won money in some foreign land, didn't know how much because it was foreign money, and was walking dark streets wondering how to get home.

What day might you be coming over?
Probably coming over tomorrow. I'll let you know if that changes.
OK....I'll be here!