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You best jump far

So I didn't win the lottery. Damn.

Been busy reading.

It's been raining all day.

Downloaded a an adware removal program for Ma. Over 500 instances of adware were found on her computer. That's just wrong.



But at least it's gone, right?

*snort* I remember when I got it last summer; around, oh...763 to be exact. LOL
Hiya Ma!

Sure has been a while! Um, I know this is kinda rude, me coming online all the sudden and asking for help, but I was wondering if you could fix my front page of my journal. I don't know whats wrong with it! Maybe if you have the time, (and if you still love one of your kids), you can even put a picture on it? Like, maybe a scenic picture? I don't know, but things've happened and I'll be online daily! I'll explain later so you can see it on my update, if that damn black thing goes away!
Sadly I know so little about html. I'm not able to do anything with your layout. Sorry hun.
Okay Lala, thanks anyways. How are you doing? *hugs*