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Let me out

Let me out

I finished Fellowship of the Ring Today. Started reading The Two Towers.

I went grocery shopping. As I was leaving the house the scent of meaty smoke filled my lungs. The next door neighbors were BBQ'ing. I, of course, salivated. Love the smell of BBQ. I began wondering if I could achieve the same effect at my house, sans grill. But alas, I know I cannot. Maybe I'll invest in a hibatchi. However I'm not much of a griller, I just like grilled food.

I forgot where I got this icon. I like it. I just don't know who to give credit to.

That's all I got for today.


it's from the rejected cartoon

effing hilarous if you can find it and download it
Cute icon!
i have the cartoon on my desktop if you ever want me to send it to you -- or i can find the link i dl'ed it from
That would be great. I'm extremely curious now.