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You best jump far

Welcome to Wallyworld, home of everything you could ever need including milk, bread, and anxiety

So I went to Walmart today. I think the kids are on vacation on something this week because every soccer mom was there with their 3 kids. I was looking for a hand held mirror, but started to choke as the little girls in the next aisle had sprayed every single perfume tester on the shelf.

I swear this guy was following me for a while. I dunno maybe store security (not like I was anything wrong mind you) or something. But he was starting to creep me out.

In line at the check out there was a woman and she was trying to convince the woman in front of her and the cashier to check out her Mary Kay line. She was very abrasive. She pretty much told the lady in front of her that with her help it'll look like she had the face lift she needed.

How rude.

After that the lady turned to me and told me how beautiful I would look with make up. I bit my tongue. I sooo wanted to tell her how good she'd look with my fist in her face. She started touching my face and told me I needed a facial and that I shouldn't color my hair. I just told her to back off. She got this frumpy frown on her face and said, "well I'm sorry if beauty is not your main concern." I gve her meanest look and she definately took the hint then.

The cashier said after she was gone that so many women try and hock their home businesses at the check out, most, she said, knew when to back off though.

I just realised I have a craving for orange juice. I don't have any. Damn.


Mary Kay people can be so rude like that - I know I have bad skin, lady! No need to point it out to me!
Oh my, what a spoiling avvie
I'm sorry. I keep forgetting.

Mmmh... I kinda was already spoiled with that. Saw some very spoilerish, but also very hot pics of such kind
i never have that problem down here...all the people at walmart are too poor to buy mary kay anyway
Sorry about Bitchy McTwat in the check out line.

Some people...