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Locke - Truffle shuffle

There and... still there again.

First of all, was it just me or did the narration disappear after the second commercial? According to my closed captioning there was stuff being said that wasn't being said by the cast. But I heard no narration like previous.

Also Kate says "what?!" alot. ALOT.

I had forgot how much I loved the pilot episode. Watching the snibbits I felt watching the pilot in full again.

I still wanna know how the hell Ethan managed to get Claire and Charlie away by himself? They never really explained that. Of course I heard theories, but the show needs to explain.

Finally narration again.

Oh Charlie. How I'd forgotten. Ripping my heart out and showing it to me. Damn the writers.

Five shots.

Damn commercials.

He knocked when they first found the hatch. Why didn't the light go on then?

amazing how much can be summed up in one hour.

I can't wait till next week.


I didn't like this special episode much, sounded too much like an extended "previously on lost" thing for me.
and the narrator... guh I hated it, it sounded lame and very cliché to my ears, and he made too many lost puns. "when you have LOST faith..."
am very sad now because I don't know when I'll be able to watch the real new episodes
Were there interviews with the cast or something? Because I don't think I want to dl it if it's just a big recap.
He knocked when they first found the hatch. Why didn't the light go on then?
I thought he had to knock three times for the light to come on.. or maybe that was just me imagining things..? O_o