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You know the deal- written as it aired.

I have so many things I wanted to comment on about the beginning sequence. Shannon all solomn and not answering Sayid. Sayid in handcuffs kinda surprised me. Nadia! But all I can really say is that Boone has the best spot on the beach.

Freaking Locke. Why did you show up just then? Shannon looked like she was going to be the one to throttle him. Jack barely looks like stand.

Jack collapsed?! I called it.

Baby! Turnip head. Oh Charlie you slay me.

Locke really needs to change. Bloody shirt is not becoming. Shannon's evil eye and quivering lip. I may cry myself.

Though I've heard the previews of Shannon saying "John Locke killed my brother. Will you do something about that?" but even now- the coldness in her voice just cuts deep.

Kate drugged Jack. Interesting little twist.

Walt scared of something. Well I guess when you're ten years old seeing that much blood would be scary.

I wonder if Locke hid the drugs?

Charlie singing... eee. Hurly singing! what the hell made him think that would calm a crying baby?

Well I guess that answers my question of the drugs. Sayid with a gun. Not good.

Locke did hit Sayid!!! damn commercial. I wanna know the why!!

I wonder if Sayid can tell if Locke is lying about the hatch?

I can't believe the CIA is making the explosion happen. I just don't see how that makes sense. I mean I understand why Sayid is forced to help the CIA. But dangling Nadia on string in front of him was good. It was mean. But I guess if they're the CIA that gotta have collatreal.

The baby likes the sound of Saywer. I find that truly amusing. Charlie chasing Sawyer. Ha ha. brillant.

Ooh Shannon's got the key... suddenly it's raining? Locke better watch out.

I wonder if that 20/20 special will have anything with Dominic. Those things tend to leave him out for some reason.

Heros do not go blowing things up. I don't think I've ever seen Sayid scared.

Jack didn't run to play doctor with Locke. That makes Locke angry and Jack naughty.

Sawyer reading from a car magazine to calm the baby. I'm surprised he took Charlie's orders to keep going.

Sayid should have taken the first flight, man.

He did know Locke was lying. Good.

I can't wait for next week.

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