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You best jump far

On the edge of reason

Torrent for Lost has been put been put up here. Just in case anyone besides myself was looking for it.


I'm hoping I can get this torrent thing to work!

When you click the title, and it comes up with the option to save or open, which one are you meant to do?
I've been saving them, but once I open them in my torrent program, nothing happens!

Anyway, thanks for the link! <3
normally- when you click the title it should just pop with the torrent client. However- what had been (and still ) happening to me was that same thing would happen. I'd click and it have those options (like a normal download). So I usually find my torrent software icon and double click, get a pop up that says sucessfully installed (again) and then click the title of the download. Again- the client (just a little pop up window) should open and begin download after connecting with peers.

(I know it's a strange round about way of doing it- but it works for me)
Hopefully that works for you too.