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Out of the fire and into the toliet.

I finished RotK save for the appendices. I can't believe I finished all three within two weeks. I promised myself that no matter how much I wanted to I would not watch the movies again till I finished. Tomorrow will be a trilogy day. Yup yup.

Also I called for a second interview with Staples. Sharlene said if you get to a second interview- you're likley to be hired. However the only free dates and are when I'm supposed to be taking my GED. Well I explained my situation and the recruiter is going to see what she can do. One of the persons I have to interview with is on a special project that isn't supposed to be over till after 4 pm each day. Well Monday would have been perfect for me, except that day was taken by another canidate. so I was given a choice for any day the rest of the week. Well the GED test is taken over three days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Meaning the only day I could do it after 4pm would be next Friday. I hope they can arrange something earlier in the week and earlier in the day.

I need a haircut. Badly.
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