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You best jump far

I accidently bought seeded grapes and find myself having to dissect each one before I eat it.

Takes the fun out of eating grapes in the first place.


I so know what you're talking about. My mom doesn't mind seeds, so if I want to eat grapes, I have to pick every single one to pieces to make sure there are no seeds left. Ugh! My mom always tells me to just not bite on the seeds, but how can you do that? They' re "unmissable"!

I hope your testing went well.
I have never understood how someone can eat grapes with seeds. Just...wrong! lol
I was so disappointed when I bit into the first one. I just wanted to pop a few grapes into my mouth and have a nice healthy snack. But noooo, if I want to snack I have to make it a project.