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Hope can set you free / nefer_tari

Dinner combination specials include pork fried rice.

So I did the English language arts portion of the GED. Not too bad. The prep tests that I've been doing online have helped.

The essay portion scared the heck out of me. My essay question was "if you had a million dollars and you could not spend it on friends and family but rather give it away to a cause or charity, where would you donate it and why?" (I kinda simplified the question) But I think I answered it well. I pretty much answered it in one paragraph, but it was supposed to be a essay, so I had to keep writing.

Today's only Tuesday. I can't wait for Lost tomorrow.


Think of it this way.

At least it isn't Thursday.
This is true.
Sounds like you did pretty well on the first portion. Good that they have something on line to help. I'm rooting for you! *hugs*