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You best jump far

Sunshine and bus stops

I know I'm the eldest in the classroom full of drop outs, but I'm telling ya, teenage angst and drama is still the same as it was when I was in school. Now I remember why I dropped out. I'll tell you what though, the science and social studies portion of the test was way easy. I don't doubt a passing score in either of those subects.

Next comes math. I hate math. I was never any good at it. Which means it would be best if I studied. I was never very good at that either.


Way to go! You've probably got good scores on the first 2....just one more to go (I know....the hardest). Study, Study, Study, tonight and tomorrow before you go. I am sending up so many prayers for unseen guides to whisper answers to you. (I know....you might think I am weird, but it's what I believe in.) *more hugs than ever*
Wooh go you!
And good luck with the math
Hi-hi! I know we don't talk too much, but I'm really glad that you're getting your degree. I know how much studying sucks (I just finished my finals today). :)
Teenage angst= not even cool during teenage years.
Much love and good-luck!

I made you a super lame-o card:

OMG- thank you so much. That is so cute.