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I can't believe this is almost over

Kate in the shower. Yummm. I wasn't paying attention to the word on the letter. I wonder made her cry... I am thinking that Kate's crime was one of passion. Now I've had a budding theory for a while. I think Kate has a kid somewhere in the world.

Charlie and his guitar. OTP.

Artz sounds exactly like a high school teacher should.

Mack!!! He was my first celeb crush you know.

Poor Jin still has that damn hand cuff on his wrist.

Kate laid down the gauntlet. She wants Saywer's spot on the raft. I can just imagine what she's capable of. Murder, being the obvious... which leads to...

However, I think Walt made Michael sick. Why not? He doesn't want to leave. He already burned one raft. He knows that he wouldn't be able to get away with that twice. So if michael can't go, walt can't go.

Or maybe not. Could be he just ate a piece of Jin's salted fish.

Sayid has a wonderful point about the hatch. Maybe it wasn't meant to be opened. I think Sayid finally gave us all something to think about.

Ooh it is a case of poisoning.

Hurley cracks me up.

Claire cutting Charlie's hair. That was great. Poor kid still doesn't have a name. I wonder who thought up the name for that song. "Monster ate the pilot" . *giggles insanely*

New Kids on the Block lunch box. It was Tom's plane... Kate Austin. Ok I have totally a new theory now after listening to them as little kids. But I'll wait till the end of the episode to see if it plays out.

What, does Walt get prementions now? Locke touches his arm and Walt freaks out.

Saywer. Sawyer. Oh how you know how to piss Kate off.

Kate must have really done something bad to have her mother scared like that. Wow that was intense. She was responsible for Tom's death. but techinaclly she didn't kill him. He was shot. (or at least that's how it appeared).

Everyone turning their backs on Kate. That's gotta suck. So if she left the plane in the back seat of the car- how did it get in a safety deposit box?

Sun did it!!! OMG. It never occurred to me. Thank you for that lovely twist.

That exchange between Sawyer and Kate at the fireside. Was I the only hoping Kate would finally come to realise that she really likes him and asks him to stay and make love to her then and there? Ok. so maybe I'm the only one.

Walt came clean about the first raft...

It was Kate's idea to poison Jin? Whoa. I didn't see that coming either.

Really good episode. So happy with this one. Previews for next week...I can't wait.

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