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You best jump far

the pretty little braids on the pretty little girl

So I had my second interview with Staples Corp. I think it went well. They said the choices will be made over the weekend. Should know no later then Tuesday.

I need to go clothes shopping. If I do get the job- I'm gonna need some nice clothes. Maybe I can get my mom to let me use her fashion bug card. =P

My stomache had been nervous all day. Now that it's over, I feel better. Like a weight has been lifted. If I don't get the job- I'll be fine. I still have other prospects.


I'm glad you journaled. You've been in my thoughts all day yesterday, and all day today! I'm sure you did well on the interview. The scary part of 2 days is over. Now, maybe the knot in my stomach will go away. What will be will be. BTW, how did the math part of the GED go? And, what day might you be coming over!
Math went good (i'm pretty sure- though I hate geomotry)

I'll be by tomorrow.
Good about your math! I don't even remember geometry, nor algebra, (I think there was triginometry, too). I'm lucky if I can add, subtract, multiply and divide. I think that's called arithmetic. HA!

See you tomorrow! *hugs*
Good Luck. I really hope you get the job!