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I did not except this answer- but if they say so- nicked it from stellypippin

What's your sexual appeal?
brought to you by Quizilla

So as many may have already heard- Dominic visits L&BA. Patsie made it clear that she didn't know if he visited the forum- but what's the point of going to L&BA without the forum...(no offense Patsie). I mean the man ain't just going to veiw all the pretty pictures of himself, right?

So many lovely new pictures of Dominic. I would love to post them all. but I just recomend you go to L&BA- browse at your leisure. There are many great links and such as well as actual photos... Also BagEndInn has some new ones.

I'm currently doing my roots- whih means for a few days- no blue streaks- those can go back in on Wednesday. Writers' group tomorrow. Which means no internet- unless group gets over early... Probably not- especially since I got a new story to present- a whole new slew of questions and plots to outline.

Dress down all week at work. Cool. Customer Service Representative Appreciation Week... Some apprecaition...

Anyhoo- that's all for now... Got wash out this bleach before my head catches fire. =P

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