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You best jump far

I'm not crazy- let's just get that clear off the bat, shall we?

I swear I have a ghost. A very thirsty ghost. For the second time today I poured myself something to drink. I know I filled the glasses nearly to rim. However after stepping away for a moment, I come back to half full glass. The first time I chocked it up to foam from the soda going down. However I just poured a glass of juice and left it in the living room. I came back and it was nearly empty. If I drank from it, there's no evidence. No taste in my mouth, no lip marks on the rim.

I'm stumped.


Um, there is a secret animal living in your house that you don't know about? O.o;; maybe, uh...yeah....
*eeks*! That is scary...
And it's not really hot so it already evaporated (is that word?)???
Weirdness *hides under the blankets*