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Be merry / bases by skint

I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!! I got the job at Staples!!!

I start May 31st.


That is fantastic! My friend just started a management position there and he loves it. Good luck!
Thank you. My friend Sharlene has been working there for about 5 months now. She likes it. I'll be working for the office of the president (ie - complaint dept)
Congratulations! :D
Thank you.
Woohooo! Congratulations!
Well done, aye! :D My friend works at a Staples over here.
Thank you. I'll be working in the corperate office. Specially the title is the office of the president. Sounds like very offical title for the complaint department, doesn't it?
Congrats, La! That's awesome. :)
Thank you, darling. Good luck to you with Lush. I'll be thinking of you next week.
Congrats! Go you! go you!
*throws confetti*
Thank you.

*gets covered in confetti*
=D Congratulations!!! <333 I hope you really enjoy it ^_^
Thank you. I hope so too. I'm excited and anxious all at the same time.
yay! congrats!
Thank you so much.
OMG, congrats hun! That's fantastic news! :D
Thank you, my dear. It is fantastic, isn't it? =D
I'm so proud of you....and happy for you! Congrats!!!
Wheee, congratulations darling! :)
Thanks my love.
Awesome!! Congrats!!
Thank you so much. I'm happy.