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You best jump far


I can understand Walt's reaction at the hotel. He didnt know Michael from a hole in the ground. But I still was referring to him as a brat.

I don't like the way Danielle looked at Claire.

Black smoke never looks good.

By the way... What does the dog eat? I mean, canines usually eat meat. I doubt Vincent has been living off of fruit and fish like everyone else... Just putting that thought out there.

Michelle Rodrigaz (sp?) so looks too young to be flirtin with Jack. I love the last she says to him. Prelude to disaster.

I love how Jin and Michael seem to able to speak the same language.

Sawyer has a name!! Sawyer without a shirt. *sighs* Sawyer coming clean about his meeting Jacks father. jack getting misty eyed.

They really are giving a few answers finally.

Kate is a dangerous little thing ain't she? Of course Jack says she can come with.

Kate looking for Sawyer. I like that.

Now if I understand this correctly. they are going to get dynamite to blow a hole in the hatch so they can hide in it? But if they blow a hole in it - won't it be accessible to the others too?

Monster! It still sounds metallic.

Walt giving Shannon Vincent. That was a great scene.

However Shannon was totally a bitch at the airport. Boone!

That not a rock. That's a ship. A really old looking ship. Very far inland. All sorts of ideas are swimming through my head. Damn commercials.

Sun and Jin. Yeah. I got teary eyed.

Goodbyes, me sad too. Sawyer looking for Kate.

Setting sail. The dog obeyed.

Holy crap. Next week looks awesome!!!

I'm happy so far with the finale. I think I will be next week too.


I doubt Vincent has been living off of fruit and fish like everyone else..

Good point. Although I guess a dog could adapt to its situation and learn to eat new things if it was either that or starve. If only they could train him to eat the annoying castaways. :P

I don't think there was a dry eye in America during the Jin/Sun scene.